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Watershed Plan Implementation Activities


  • Bioassessment Program

    The Coalition started a comprehensive biological, chemical and physical assessment of the Lower DuPage River Watershed in the summer of 2012. This inital assessment included sampling 26 stations across the watershed including sites on the main stem DuPage River and six of the tributaries that drain into the DuPage River. Fish, macroinvertebrates, habitat and water and sediment chemistry data was collected at all of the sites. This data along with historical information, wastewater treatment plant data and dissovled oxygen data is being compiled into an overall assessment of the watershed and help identify stressors to biological health. A final report for the 2012 sampling will be completed by the end of 2013. This assessment will be completed every three years to track the health of the watershed and assess the success of water quality improvement projects. In 2015 approximately 45 stations will be sampled.

  • Chloride Reduction

    Chlorides have been identified in most urban streams as one of many reasons that streams are not meeting aquatic life goals. The Coalition is partnering with other organizations in Will County to host two Chloride Reduction Workshops each fall that focus on public roads and parking lots/sidewalks. These workshops are meant to provide up to date information on winter storm management as well as an opportunty for communities to share what is working for them and how they got past common barriers to implement new programs. Check out the Upcoming Events page for more information on dates and times for these workshops.

  • Dissolved Oxygen Monitoring Program

    Several segments of the Lower DuPage River are listed by the Illinois EPA for low dissovled oxygen. Just as we breath in oxygen, fish and other aquatic life absorb dissolved oxygen through their gills. The Coalition is in the process of implementing a coordinated dissolved oxygen monitoring program along the main stem of the DuPage River. Special water quality data loggers will be placed in the river from April to October of each year to collect continuous dissolved oxygen, temperature, pH and conductivity data. This information will help with the identification of stressors to aquatic life, track attainment of water quality standards and provide input for future water quality models.



 Lower DuPage River Watershed Plan - May 2011

The Lower DuPage River Watershed Coalition was formed as a result of a two year watershed planning project that was coordinated by The Conservation Foundation. The resulting watershed plan and technical report identifed water quality issues based on available data and complied a list of implementation strategies and projects to address these issues.  The Coalition came together to coordinate implementation and outreach activities and the bioassessment program. These activities will benefit all of the communities in the watershed and provide valuable information to aid in local decision making related to our natural resources.

Executive Summary

Technical Report



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