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About Us - The Lower DuPage River Watershed Coalition



 Mission and Goals

The Mission of the Lower DuPage River Watershed Coalition is to bring together a diverse coaltion of stakeholders to work together to preserve and enhance water quality in the Lower DuPage River and its tributaries.

The Lower DuPage River Watershed Coalition formed to provide a local, coordinated effort to address water resource concerns using a science based approach to identify water quality stressors and develop ecologically and economically sound approaches to restore stream health.

The Coalition completed a watershed based plan for the Lower DuPage River Watershed in May of 2011 and formally adopted bylaws and elected officers in January of 2012 to coordinate implementation. The Coalition is supported by Agency & Associate Members based on a dues and membership fee system.  Funds collected support a Bioassessment Monitoring Program and staff to coordinate implementation, communication and colaboration in the watershed.


The Lower DuPage River Watershed Coalition passed By-Laws to form and guide the organization in January of 2012. A copy of the By-Laws can be downloaded here.


Contact Us

10S404 Knoch Knolls Road

Naperville, IL 60565

Phone: 630-428-4500

Fax: 630-428-4599

E-mail: Jennifer Hammer



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