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 Conservation @ Home



 Conservation @ Home Program

The Conservation@Home program encourages and recognizes property owners that protect and/or create yards that are nature-friendly and conserve water. This includes planting native vegetation such as prairie and woodland wildflowers, trees and shrubs, creating butterfly and rain gardens and removing invasive plant species.  The program is designed for landowners of any scale:  a small condo patio, the common space of a subdivision, a multi-acre lot along the DuPage River. The Conservation Foundation provides information and resources to homeowners, homeowner associations, businesses, churches, schools, and developers by way of presentations, brochures, informational DVDs, and newsletters for planting and maintaining certified properties.  To learn more about the program, contact Jim Kleinwachter.

Conservation@Home Goals

  • Encourage the use of native plants in residential, school and community yards and gardens.

  • Protect and restore existing high quality natural areas in private ownership.

  • Promote good water resource practices through the use of rain barrels and rain gardens that reduce runoff, filter water and conserve water.

  • Recognize landowners that practice good stewardship and conservation measures.

  • Educate landowners about how they can improve wildlife habitat.

  • Reduce invasive species.


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